Recycled Plastic

Recycled Plastic Brooches

Bottle caps from Coca-Cola, Fanta, Downy, Persil and other major brands that use HDPA

plastics in their products are shredded and
melted to create special brooches.
We collaborate with Real Precious Plastics, a global
organization that develop machines for
recycling plastics at small scales.
From Pollution to Solution.
Over the last 70 years, plastic - an incredibly malleable, versatile, and durable material - infiltrated the market and permeated seemingly every nook and cranny on Earth.
Plastics can provide important benefits, from life-saving medical devices to safe and long-life food storage.
However, unnecessary and avoidable plastics, particularly single-use packaging and disposable items, are polluting our planet at alarming rates. Decades of economic growth and an
increasing dependency on throw-away plastic products has led to a torrent of unmanaged waste that pours into lakes, rivers, coastal environments, and finally out to sea, triggering
a ripple of problems.
Text taken from Drowning in Plastics- Marine litter and Plastic Waste Vital Graphics. United Nations Environment Program

Ariana Castellanos